Guns necessary for our own protection

In a gun control letter to the editor a person said to own a AR15 type gun is to own a machine gun. President Obama will sign the small Arms Treaty which gives the UN control of all guns in peoples hands in the U.S. That way Obama can say we are forced to act as we are bound by treaty to do so. When president signs a treaty it is in effect until the senate votes on it and rejects it. Harry Reid, the senate leader, will not bring it up for a vote, as he knows he would lose any ratification vote. This way the UN has control of guns in private hands, the UN is a den of communist evil. You people who want gun control, remember when your home/family is in danger, their will no one to help you.

When owning guns is outlawed, dangerous people will have them.

Guns can be gotten any time, any type, since it’s against the law to own a gun, a person might as well own a machine gun, the jail time remains the same.

So government took all the guns, and we have social medicine. We are as helpless as a baby.

Look at Libya, one of our people was killed in a shoot out, three were dragged to death behind pick ups.

You think the government cares about you. They did not care about one of their own, why should we think they care about us? Ask your local police, will you protect me in less than 5 minutes? Answer, NO.

R.B. Morris