Marietta community shows again and again it cares about its elderly

As a resident of Heartland nursing home, I want to thank all of the staff and employees for their care and adopting all the residents and giving us special gifts like family.

I want to thank the community of Marietta for taking the time from their hectic schedules to remember the elderly in our local nursing homes to show us their moral support.

They have entertained us the entire year with country western bands, singers, prayer meetings, line dancers and a bevy of entertainment.

Our local nursing homes have very aggressive activities directors that maintain a busy and happy schedule for us.

The entire community of Marietta shows to all that Marietta takes care of its own.

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

You, as citizens of Marietta, show with your attention and moral support that nursing homes are no longer places to wait until death, but are homes away from homes when we can no longer perform all of the tasks necessary to live alone.

Betty Kelly, president

Resident council

Heartland of Marietta