Serving you: Keeping track of the finances

In July, Cathy Coppernoll will mark her 15th year working for the city of Marietta. During that time she’s served as a clerk in the city’s recreation and development departments, spent a decade as city council clerk, and is currently working as a deputy auditor.

Question: You’ve held several positions in city government, but the longest service so far was in your previous post as city council clerk. How was that?

Answer: I really enjoyed that. It was a challenging but interesting job. During that time I worked with five different councils, and liked working with all of them. I learned a lot about how city government works while in that position and knew what was going on in all of the departments.

I still help the council clerk when she has occasional questions about some aspect of the job.

Q: You transfered into the city auditor’s office in 2011. What are your responsibilities there?

A: The auditor’s office pays the bills, processes purchase orders and handles the city payroll, including tracking and processing insurance, pensions and other benefits.

The city auditor has to sign off on all purchase orders and make certain the money’s available to pay for those bills. And we track all incoming and outgoing finances. This is the go-to place for anyone with finance-related questions.

When I started here two years ago I had no idea about the level of detail in this work.

And I’m part of a team that includes auditor Sherri Hess, chief deputy auditor Angie Tucker and deputy auditor Dave Roberts.

Q: Why did you decide to leave council for your current position?

A: I do like the hours better. It was more difficult to schedule my time while serving as council clerk because I was often needed to work late for council or committee meetings. Now I have more regular hours.

But I also enjoy working in the city auditor’s office because it plays a vital role in the operation of city government. We interact daily with the other departments, and I get great satisfaction in knowing our efforts help ensure that the city’s functions operate effectively and efficiently.

Q: How do you spend time out of the office?

A: I love to run and work out. That’s something I do six days a week, including during my lunch hour. It’s a great way to de-stress. I also attend a Zumba class.

I enjoy hockey games, especially watching the Pittsburgh Penguins and Columbus Blue Jackets.

And I love boating, going to the beach at Nag’s Head, and just generally spending time with my family.

Article written by Sam Shawver.