County sets how 1% sales tax will be divided

At their Thursday meeting, the Washington County commissioners resolved that 33 percent per month-not to exceed $1,785,400-of the county’s 1 percent annual permissive sales tax will be placed into a fund for repairing township roads and bridges.

The remaining 67 percent, approximately $3,570,800, of the annual sales tax will be put into the county’s general fund. Any money generated from the sales tax above the $5,356,200 will be paid directly into the county general fund.

Washington County Commissioner Tim Irvine said this does not change the total number of dollars allocated to either the townships or the general fund.

“This is more of a cash management issue. It’s simply a matter of how we disperse the money into each fund from the monthly check we receive,” he said.

Once the money is dispersed into both the township road repair and general funds it’s divided based upon the rate recently set by the commissioners.

The percentage agreed upon for the repair of township roads and bridges was increased from 15 percent in 2012 to 24 percent in 2013. Of that 24 percent, 4 percent is dedicated to special project areas with the rest going toward township road repair.

Also on Thursday, commissioners decided to reappoint the current members of the Southeastern Ohio Port Authority Board of Directors before their terms come to an end Jan. 31.

All three commissioners agreed that the board was doing an excellent job and there was no need to seek replacements.

“The current members of board are experienced and have been doing an excellent job of serving the community,” Commissioner David White said.

Washington State Community College President Bradley Ebersole will be beginning his first full term, but has been a member of the Port Authority Board of Directors for around a year now.

His position with the college provides him with a unique perspective about his role with the port authority, he said.

“I see an opportunity to serve both the community and the college by assessing needs and providing educational tools to help fill those needs,” Ebersole said.

Even though his first official full term will be starting Feb. 1, Ebersole has plans to remain on the board for years to come.

“I enjoy being on the board and I want to continue the experience as long as I can,” he said.

The other board members are Tom Webster, David Haas, Evan Wetz, Steve Keiser, Ron Cooley, Jim Black, Dan McGill, Jack Haessly, Dave Archer, Scott Cantley, Charlotte Hatfield, Nate Long, Scott Oran and John Willoughby.