Good news from the campus of WSCC

Congratulations to Washington State Community College President Bradley Ebersole for displaying leadership and a turnaround of attitudes in his relatively short time on the Marietta campus.

In 2011, when he was hired to succeed Charlotte Hatfield to lead the college, communication was a major issue among students and the staff.

Then the college, like a lot of us, faced financial difficulties. After a tense summer, Ebersole and the college trustees made some tough decisions such as mandatory furloughs, eliminating two administrative positions that Ebersole hired when he came to Washington State, and dipping into the college’s reserves ($300,000).

Along the way, Ebersole led the switch from quarters to semesters.

Ebersole hopes the experiences in his first 15 months as president have built a bond of trust among faculty and staff that will pay dividends in the future. He has made a point of including various aspects of the college in the decision-making process.

He meets with leaders of the faculty and staff – part of his executive cabinet -regularly. This keeps lines of communication open.

And that’s a good sign. People on campus pulling the same direction. And it’s an attitude that we hope continues throughout the Ebersole era, which, thanks to the recent action of the board of trustees, will continue at least until the end of 2015.

It’s a stability that good leadership brings to campus.