Official reactions to gun tragedies are misguided

There have been considerable discussions about these unfortunate happenings last year and several executive orders have been signed by President Obama ostensible to eliminate them in the future. But, if we look at the facts surrounding two of them, these new orders would have done nothing to prevent them from happenings. The 26 murders in Newtown, Conn., were done by a mentally disturbed individual that should not have had access to guns of any kind. The guns were legally purchased by his mother but were not secured in a gun safe or other means to ascertain they would not be used by just anyone.

The other case involved a convicted convict who, after being denied permission to purchase guns by a background check, he convinced a neighbor to purchase them for him. He then used these guns to kill several people but not reported by the press, these guns were traced to this woman who at first said that they had been stolen, but later admitted the truth. She has been charged and the case is still pending.

In summation, I believe that future mass killings could be drastically curtailed if present and future gun owners were more cognitive of the safe and proper handling of these dangerous firearms.

It seems that our Executive branch of government is intentionally causing divisions among the residents by promoting their misguided agendas and unenforceable restrictions, instead of reviewing the actual facts concerning these horrific occurrences. Obama will need to drastically revise his agenda if the government is to improve in the next four years but don’t hold your breath.

Pearl M. Scott