We should be proud of our local hospitals

Lately, I have overheard a lot of people where I work putting down our two local hospitals. Most have complained about long wait times, poor quality of care, and other things. Also, many of them say that if they needed a serious procedure that they would never have it done here and would “insist on being sent to Columbus.”

I, for one, am tired of hearing about it. Hospitals are not 5-star hotels, people. You are there to get well, not to be waited on hand and foot. It ain’t Burger King, you don’t always get it your way. Talk about entitlement mentality! These nurses and patient care technicians put up with way more crap than they should have to from rude patients.

As for not having a good quality of care, I disagree. I was hospitalized at Marietta Memorial, last January, and the care that I received was second to none. The staff was courteous and helpful, and truly cared about taking care of me. The same could be said for Camden-Clark, who my doctor is affiliated with. I have never had a bad experience there, either.

My wife works at Marietta Memorial and I am proud of the work that she does. I know that she and her coworkers strive to do their best to take care of their patients. As for going to Columbus, their service leaves a lot to be desired. I’d rather stay here. But, if you insist on going to Columbus, the next time you’re sick or injured, go ahead. Maybe you can make their hospital staff miserable, instead.

Mark Hartshorn