Be a good neighbor, especially when it’s this cold

After a relatively mild winter, the Mid-Ohio Valley found itself in bone chillingly cold temperatures this week.

There are a couple more days of that ahead, along with some possible snow, before a little relief is forecast.

It’s important in times like these to remember to check on neighbors, especially the elderly, and those who don’t have a steady heating source.

Temperatures and wind chills as low as they’ve been this week in the Marietta area can very easily lead to frostbite, hypothermia and death.

Make sure you and your loved ones limit your time outdoors as much as possible. Bundle up children who may have to wait at a bus stop and remember to wear hats and gloves yourself.

And don’t forget about pets.

Even those who are typically left outdoors shouldn’t be in these kind of conditions. Pet owners should supply them with shelter, whether that’s inside a home, basement or garage.

Temperatures well below freezing are never fun, but with some common sense and consideration residents can easily make it through this frosty week.