Reader addresses Hillary Clinton

Dear Madam Secretary of State Clinton,

When you were being questioned a few days ago during the Senate investigation about what went wrong in the Benghazi disaster and why U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, you, as Secretary of State, President Obama, others in the Cabinet, and several media toadies for several days afterwards told the American public flat out lies about what happened. In just a few hours after the attack at our consulate it was determined that it was a terrorist attack not an impromptu demonstration because of an inane YouTube video. Yet the above et al continued to lie to the American people contending it was a protest to the video.

So your angry response when being questioned why the false story was told the public was “What difference at this point does it make?

Madam Secretary I respectfully summit that it makes a huge difference when our political leaders lie to us. It makes a difference to God when we lie and for which we will be held accountable some day. Remember a lie is any statement or action intended to deceive. We have every right to expect impeccable honesty from our leaders and that simply isn’t happening with this administration.

“One burned is twice learned” should have alerted us as to your truthfulness or lack thereof. The litany of corrupt trickery that beset you in Arkansas should have been an ample warning. The decking of sniper fire in Sarajevo a few years back was another of your “pinocchioes” that went virtually unreported by the fawning media.

Paul E. Williams