Under pressure:

A Caldwell pressure washing business is expanding to take on business in the Marietta area.

“We are a mobile business that is looking to now serve both the Caldwell and Marietta areas,” said Mathew Bouey, the owner and operator of Blast Pro Pressure Washing.

Bouey and his wife, Ashley, started the business in 2010 when they saw a need that could be met in the community.

“There was a demand for a company like this, and we saw the possibility of how far we could take this business,” Bouey said. “We are open seven days a week so we are always available to our customers.”

During their time serving the Caldwell area, they have worked with a wide range of clients, cleaning a broad spectrum of things.

“We will wash or steam clean pretty much anything that needs it,” Bouey said. “Our previous work has included everything from heavy equipment for quarrys, apartments or homes and we have even cleaned shopping carts for local stores.”

According to Bouey, the main difference between Blast Pro Pressure Washing and other cleaning companies is that they are fully self-contained.

“We bring all the equipment and water we need for the job with us,” he said. “We even have a lift that allows us to reach three-story buildings. The tank that we bring along with us can carry both hot and cold water, so it’s not necessary to use the customer’s water source.”

Bill Boyd, of Caldwell, said he heard about the company two years ago through word of mouth.

“I hired them to pressure wash my house, garage and driveway,” he added. “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Everything was so much cleaner after they finished.”

Blast Pro Pressure Washing offers an easy way of obtaining an estimate for each particular project.

“You can actually take a picture of your home and send it to us and we will provide you an estimate on what the work will cost based on that picture,” Bouey said.

Those interested in contacting Blast Pro Pressure Washing can call (740) 509-2373 for more information.