Status quo continues this year for public bus line

The Washington County Commissioners accepted a proposal from the 2013 Urban Transit Program at their meeting Thursday.

The program funds the CABL bus system that is run by Washington-Morgan Community Action. The program is also supported and administered by The Ohio Department of Transportation.

“The document we’ve been presented with puts the total cost for the program at $251,576,” said Commissioner Ron Feathers.

The funding will be provided from a combination of federal, state and local sources, according to David Brightbill, executive director of Washington-Morgan Community Action.

“We generally receive a federal and state grant and then the commissioners are the local source of our income,” Brightbill said.

This year the Urban Transit Program is changing very little and much of the projected cost will be used for upkeep and maintenance.

“Routes, destinations and schedules will remain the same as they have in the past,” Brightbill said. “The funding will be used mostly for drivers, fuel and repairs of the buses we have.”

The program, which uses four buses, provides two daily Marietta routes and two specialty routes once a week.

There is a route that runs between New Matamoras and Macksburg several times on Thursdays along with a route to Belpre on Fridays.

“We’ve been providing transportation services in one form or another since 1972,” Brightbill said. “We are very pleased to be provided with the means to continue this service in the community. This is often the only source of transportation for local seniors and individuals with disabilities.”