January weather highs and lows

The average temperatures were above normal for January but rain and snowfall levels fell short of average levels for the month, according to local weather watcher Charlie Worsham.

“We only received 3 inches of snow this January, which is 4.3 inches below normal for the month,” Worsham said. “This years 3 inches is still more than the 1 inch of snow tallied during the month of January last year.”

Of the 3 inches total, an inch and a half of that snow came Jan. 25 with only three other days all month even recording any significant amount of snowfall.

If you add January’s total amount of snowfall this year with last year, it wouldn’t even come close to that of 2011 or 2010’s totals.

“In 2011 there was 12 inches of snow and 2010 there was 9.9 inches of snow during the month of January,” Worsham said.

Rainfall was down this month as well with the actual rainfall level reaching 2.92 inches, 0.20 inches below the normal level of 3.12 inches.

“Of the 2.92 inches for the month, 1.17 came on Jan. 30,” Worsham said. “This actually set a new record for the date, breaking the previous record of 0.97 inches set in 1921.”

This year both the actual high and low temperatures were above normal levels for January.

The actual average low temperature was 27.3 degrees, which is 4.3 degrees warmer than the normal average low of 24 degrees. Actual high temperatures reached 41 degrees, just 1 degree warmer than the normal average of 40 degrees.

“The 69-degree day we had on Jan. 29 tied a record for highest temperature in the month, a record that was set in 1903,” Worsham said. “It’s one of the oldest records still in the book for January.”

While January was fairly mild, Worsham thinks February might bring more winter weather.

“All the forecasts I’ve seen for February say that it’s supposed to be cold and snowy,” he said. “They seem to expect it to be below normal temperatures and above normal snow levels, so we will see what happens.”

The beginning of February is going to bring some colder weather and more snow, according to the National Weather Service in Charleston, W.Va.

“Accumulation for the Marietta area should be between about 2 to 4 inches over the next couple of days,” said Meteorologist Tim Axford.

Temperatures will remain around or below freezing over the next few days before warming up later in the week, according to the latest National Weather Service forecast.

“The average high should be around 40 degrees with a low of around 24 heading into the middle of the week,” Axford said. “Unfortunately there won’t be a great chance to see the sun for the next week or so, due to cloudy skies from a series of smaller systems in the area.”