Stabbing suspect: His story

It was not a case of mistaken identity, but rather a daughter in danger that led a Marietta man to stab a complete stranger last month.

That was the claim Tuesday of Ronald W. Fisher, 38, of 715 Greene St., who is awaiting trial on a second-degree felony charge of assault after admittedly stabbing William J. Williams, 45, of 833 Second St. on Jan. 8.

Fisher spoke out during an interview at the Washington County Jail, and said he was considering a lawsuit against the Marietta Police Department regarding its investigation.

“My daughter was attacked by that man,” Fisher said in reference to Williams.

Fisher alleged Tuesday that police are ignoring his version of events. He said he was acting in defense of his 17-year-old daughter, who Fisher said was being held by the throat by Williams at the time of the stabbing, and that Williams should be charged.

According to a statement of facts provided by the police department, Williams said someone started knocking, then banging, on his door that night. When he started to open the door, Fisher came in and stabbed him in the back of his left leg, then pursued him into the home and continued to punch him.

Capt. Jeff Waite of the Marietta Police Department declined to comment on the case, since it is ongoing.

“I’ll tell you we investigated the case, and we charged Mr. Fisher with felonious assault,” he said.

Fisher said Tuesday he had accompanied his daughter and a second unnamed female to the Second Street residence that night because his daughter wanted to confront her boyfriend, who was allegedly cheating with Williams’ daughter, he said.

“Someone kept texting her saying her boyfriend was there with another woman. Well, she was going to go regardless, and I’m not going to let her go alone,” Fisher said

His intent had been to stand back and keep a watchful eye as his daughter confronted her boyfriend, he said, but things quickly escalated out of control when Williams opened the door.

“The guy opened the door, grabbed my daughter by the throat, and started punching her,” said Fisher.

Fisher said he tried to hit Williams to get him to release his daughter, but when that did not work, he grabbed his knife, which he always carries because of his interest in hunting and fishing.

“I stuck him in the butt because I wanted to get him somewhere where it wouldn’t hurt too much. I didn’t want to hurt him. I just wanted him to let go of my daughter,” he said.

However, Fisher’s account of events is starkly different from that of Williams, who said in an interview Tuesday that he saw a flash of silver the instant he opened his door that evening.

“Door open, knife, fists flying,” said Williams, describing the night.

Williams denies laying a hand on the teen girl.

“I didn’t have time to touch his daughter,” he said.

Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Jared Erb added that none of the witnesses at the grand jury hearing backed up Fisher’s testimony of his daughter’s assault.

“There were a lot of witnesses and those witnesses did not see William Williams strangle anybody,” said Erb.

Even if Williams had been restraining Fisher’s daughter, using a knife is not justifiable under the law, said Erb.

“You can’t meet non-lethal force with lethal force,” he said.

Fisher said he regrets the incident and wishes no one in the party had gone to Williams’ house that night.

“I just want to go back to school, and get my life back on track,” he said.

Fisher, who was released from a four-year prison stint for drug trafficking in June, has been clean since, he said. He was in his second semester in Washington State Community College’s digital technology program before the incident, he added.

Besides drug trafficking, Fisher has been arrested for drug possession, domestic violence and driving under suspension.

Williams said he doesn’t want to see Fisher go to prison over the incident.

“I don’t feel any hardship toward him. I’m a father. I got daughters. It’s hard to tell what that daughter told him to get him all riled up,” he said.

Fisher is set to be arraigned at 8 a.m. Monday. No trial date has been set. He is currently being held at the Washington County Jail on $35,000 bond.