Airport authority hikes spring marketing budget

WILLIAMSTOWN – The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Authority Wednesday approved and increased the budget for a short spring marketing campaign.

“We have been doing pretty much the same campaign for the last two and a half years and we wanted to change thing up and talk about something else in the spring marketing campaign,” said Tom Crooks with Stonewall Marketing, who has worked with the airport as the marketing partner for several years.

The new campaign will begin in mid-March and go through May and include the advertising trifecta of newspapers, television and billboards.

“We wanted to focus on the convenience of the airport and have fun with this campaign,” Crooks said.

The new “truth in travel” campaign will list individual “truths” of traveling from the local airport as compared with major airports, such as “everybody loves free parking” and “an hour flight shouldn’t begin with a two-hour drive.”

All board members in attendance president Jeff McDougle, vice president Terry Tamburini, David Scott and Washington County Commissioner David White were supportive.

“The reaction to the ads is the best I have seen from the board since we started doing campaigns with Stonewall,” said airport Manager Terry Moore.

The board had originally given Crooks a budget of $8,000 and after he explained the proposed campaign outline was over budget at $9,620, McDougle suggested the board increase the allowance.

“We have enough cash to do what Tom is proposing and, if we want to add other avenues, we are able to take it up to $10,000,” McDougle said.

The board unanimously approved the increase in budget as well as the campaign. The added funds will be used to extend use of the billboard, which is expected to be the electronic one on Murdoch Avenue near Texas Roadhouse, through May and into June.

The fall campaign, which will be discussed this summer, is typically more important to the airport and is expected to have a budget of $15,000, Moore said.

“This spring campaign is really to remind people that we are here and provide a great service,” he said.