Time for major changes at the Postal Service

The recent announcement that the Postal Service was going to stop delivering mail on Saturdays caught me a bit off guard. Actually, I had begun to wonder if they were still delivering mail at all. I sent a package to Germany that was supposed to take from six to 10 days and it took over six weeks. It’s bad enough that it cost $47 to ship about $10 worth of Christmas presents, but when it did finally arrive, it was soaking wet and heavily damaged.

Anyway, the cessation of Saturday deliveries is predicted to save $2 billion a year. That would be a lot of money, except for the fact that they lost $16 billion last year. The way I see it, if one day only saves $2 billion, six days ought to save $12 billion. Even if they shut the doors and go home they would still lose $4 billion every year. Don’t you think it might be time to privatize the Postal Service and let somebody that knows how to run it at a profit do it?

Leonard R. Phillips