Recycling efforts are still going strong in city

Because of the incredible group of volunteers (more help is always needed – just call 373-3372) and the financial support of recyclers, the Marietta Area Recycling Center (MARC on Gilman) is taking in and shipping more materials than ever.

The donation tube Bob Flowers installed is always available to make donating toward keeping the Gilman center open as convenient as possible. If you haven’t donated yet but plan to, please do so and if it has been awhile since you donated, please consider doing so again.

Volunteers and others in the recycling business continue to get calls from people who believe the MARC on Gilman has closed. Not true. The Colegate recycling center is also apparently still open although an attendant does not seem to be there as had been the case. Hours at that site are still restricted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays only.

Local recycling options vary depending on location: the city has curbside, Washington County has trailers that visit various communities, and the drop-off center on Colegate and the nonprofit, volunteer-staffed drop-off center on Gilman.

The volunteers at the Gilman center believe recycling should be convenient and so the site is available for the public to drop off and to sort their materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether people are coming to Marietta to work, shop, go to church or a movie, the site is available.

The volunteers are especially appreciative of those who sort their materials so conscientiously – “If you’re not sorting, you’re not recycling” is a favorite slogan. And one has only to think about it for a few minutes to realize that the earlier in the journey between home and the ultimate manufacturer that the sorting is done, the more likely that material will be recycled and not sent to landfill because of contamination.

Recycling should be an easily acquired habit since we buy items separately and we use the contents of containers separately so it should be easy to separate the containers when they are empty.

Marietta Area Recycling Center volunteers also feel we should recycle as many materials as possible. Most centers can take paper products, glass and cans but plastics vary from site to site. Since we hand-sort, we are able to take numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 (most of you will recognize these numbers as being in the triangle of chasing arrows on the bottom of most plastic containers) and as of now, they are all going to Mondo Polymer Technologies as part of their feed stock – supporting local manufacturing jobs and business. Please remember to remove spray-pump tops and other lids with metal.

At this time, our funding to stay afloat is primarily from donations because of a soft materials market nationally. Expenses include rent and usual costs of doing business such as dumpster service which amount to about $10,000. per year. Donations have fallen short the past five months so we are hoping everyone will pay their share.

Marilyn Ortt of 701 Colegate Drive, Marietta, is a member of the Marietta City Tree Commission. Our Earth appears on alternate weeks in the weekend edition.