Marietta native has first novel published

Marietta native George Lindamood has published his first novel, “The Accidental Peacemaker,” at the tender age of 74. The book is about a 45-year-old man, recently divorced and downsized out of his job, who decides to go into isolation in the woods near Klamath Falls, Oregon, to re-think his life. His hope is that, by making some changes in himself, his second half of life will be different – better in some ways – than the first. Of course, things don’t go as planned – they rarely do – “but by being open to new experiences and ideas, he is able to resolve some lingering problems and discover new opportunities well beyond anything he could have imagined,” Lindamood explains.

Thus the book speaks to anybody who has ever been divorced, downsized, discouraged, or depressed in life’s rough-and-tumble ride. “All of those things have happened to me, some of them more than once,” said Lindamood. “I think that what I learned might be helpful to others – at least, I hope it will be.”

Meanwhile, the reader gets an interesting story. “Septuagenarian Lindamood writes with the penetrating insights gained in all his years of experience. … We want to keep reading because we care about the characters, and want to know what each surprising turn of events will bring,” wrote one reviewer. Another said, “It’s refreshing to read a spiritual story that has not been sanitized of human life-force impulses.” And a third simply exclaimed, “[It’s] damn good.”

Of course, Lindamood is encouraged – and even surprised – by these and other positive reader reactions. “I set out to write a ‘didactic novel,’ a story that teaches, and I produced a ‘thriller.’ I didn’t realize I had done that until an editor told me,” he admits, “so I learned some new things about myself as a result of writing the book.”

Lindamood graduated from Marietta High School in 1956, and was the first MHS student to win a National Merit Scholarship. He received a bachelor of science in mathematics and physics, magna cum laude, from Wittenberg University and an M.A. in mathematics at the University of Maryland before embarking on a 40-plus-year career in information technology. George and his wife, Annette, lived in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., Tokyo, Japan, and Stamford, Conn., before moving to Olympia, Wash., in 1993. Now retired, they reside Sequim, Wash.

“The Accidental Peacemaker” is available in paperback from online and local booksellers and in Kindle format from .