Beverly incident shows bad things can happen here

Living in this area, we tend to feel insulated from some of the harsh realities of life in today’s world.

After Thursday’s attempted abduction of an 11-year-old girl in Beverly, everyone in the Mid-Ohio Valley knows the unthinkable can happen here.

While authorities work to find the man responsible for Thursday’s incident, we, as adults, need to step back and follow some basic steps to keep our children safe.

Fort Frye Local Schools officials were quick to take some safety measures Friday by removing crossing guard positions staffed by sixth-graders, so they aren’t put in harm’s way.

Also, extra safety precautions were taken around Beverly-Center Elementary School, close to where Thursday’s incident took place. Beverly-Center added teachers to monitor recess and teachers were re-positioned around the perimeter of the play area.

Beverly police also added its presence in the Beverly-Center, Fort Frye High School areas.

We applaud those steps taken by officials, but also add that parents need to take some responsibility, too.

Four tips from?

– Know where your children are located while playing or going to and from school.

– Be sure your child uses the buddy system. Be sure a kid isn’t alone when they’re playing.

– Kids need to know to never talk to strangers.

– Kids need to know your surroundings and the people around them. If a good friend or relative lives nearby, it could be a safe place to to escape danger.

In the meantime, any help you can give the Beverly police or Washington County Sheriff’s Office in helping solve Thursday’s crime would be appreciated. Call 376-7070.