Women are givers of life; keep them out of combat

In response to the comment President Obama said about women in combat, Feb. 3, women have always been in the military in some form or another. From way back in history when women were camp followers to moving to military bases to be with husbands to being nurses during our civil and revolutionary wars to today where women are in all aspects of the military. As for women in combat? Sorry, they have been there as well. But do we like them to be? No. If a woman can do exactly the same as a man, maybe. But can she? Most can’t. The physical ability of a man is different from a woman. Is a woman as smart as a man? Yes. Can she go and shoot people? Yes. Can she go on patrol? Yes. Can she drag an injured solider weighing from 150 pounds to 225 pounds on her back and run for cover? Probably not. God knows women are strong, smart, capable of doing whatever they want, but they are also givers of life. No man can be that. Let’s do our best to keep them off the front line.

Joan Barton

Coal Run