What about all those other traffic problem areas?

I’ve noticed all the talk on fixing the traffic problem on Seventh and Pike Street. I can’t help but wonder why just a few years ago you all didn’t fix it right then and there. And now you’re talking about Ohio 26 and having a meeting about the situation on that road.

My question is, why don’t you have another meeting about fixing Ohio 676 between Watertown and Chesterhill. You, at the ODOT, ruined our road. Then, when you saw what you did to it, you came out here and put new asphalt on it in the turns … but you left all the holes that the sealant didn’t seal up. I even told you it wouldn’t work. It didn’t work on Ohio 124 in Meigs County. And we all thought we were beyond gravel roads on state routes. We don’t like our road out here and you, Jamie Hendershot, are the responsible person that has created the petition to the Gov. Kasich’s office. Anyway, we aren’t happy with you and ODOT out here because we pay taxes, too.

Another thing, when you all have all of the snow off our gravel road, why do your drivers leave the snow blade down on the road? It’s all clear of snow. You can hear them coming for miles. You already tore the road up, now your tearing snow blades up, too. More money for equipment. You guys make me sick to my stomach to even see you all out here.

Ricky B. Noland