Three recent Marietta business site vacancies

Several Marietta businesses that have closed their doors may soon have new life.

Negotiations are under way for a new tenant to take over the Seventh Street site that was most recently the College Burrito Company, after that business closed in early February.

“It’s upsetting that it closed. I really enjoyed the food at College Burrito,” said Michael Radvansky, 22, a senior at Marietta College from Toronto. “It was surprising to my friends and I that it closed. “It seemed to do a decent amount of business.”

The property is owned by Tom Moran and has hosted a number of different businesses over the years.

It was originally built for a pizza place, but it has changed a lot in the more than 20 years he has owned it, according to Moran.

“There was a lady that had a very successful catering service (Peppercorn’s Deli) for about 10 years there,” said Moran. “Even more recently though it was Blacksmith Barbecue and then College Burrito Company.”

Moran noted that negotiations are currently taking place for a lease agreement.

“We have someone that is interested in leasing the business right now,” he said. “Within about 30 to 60 days I expect the deal to be done.”

For Moran, having to replace a business is never ideal, but the amount of interest local entrepreneurs have shown towards the property is promising, he said.

“I think it’s a great thing small businesses in the area have the courage to do things they are passionate about,” he said. “Sometimes they are successful and sometimes they aren’t, but you are never going to know that unless you try.”

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons bar on Greene Street closed its doors early in 2012 when Dottie Cornette, the operator of the establishment, passed away.

Cornette ran The Four Seasons for around 20 years, but the property is owned by Tina Thomas.

Years before it became The Four Seasons the building housed several different types of establishments, including the Thomas Cafe, Thomas Carryout, Mike’s Tap Room and the Thomas Drive-Thru.

Thomas said she hopes to see another business there soon.

“We are currently interviewing prospective tenants,” she said. “We want to make sure that we select the best possible choice.”

Thomas said there is not set timetable for trying to re-open the site.

“I’m waiting for the right operator and business model for this location,” she said. “Whenever that happens, it happens.”

Recent renovations have been the priority for the two-story building as of late.

“We have just finished fixing the roof and are looking into other renovations,” said Thomas.

Also closed

The BP gas station located on Pike Street in Marietta also recently closed its doors.

The property is owned by Hartley Oil Company based in Cambridge. President Doug Hartley did not return a call for comment Wednesday.