Thanks for helping Newport Food Pantry

Do you remember the summer of 2012? Remembering the major storm that hit the area June 28, 2012? The storm was very devastating in many ways for many reasons.

The Newport Community Food Pantry will well remember the storm.

Within a week the well-stocked 11 freezers and refrigerator went to a state of being completely empty. Due to the prolonged power outage, $10,000 worth of perishable items had to be destroyed. A significant amount of money was spent to discard the wasted food and cleaning.

Not only did the food pantry lose food, but the families that frequent the pantry lost their primary emergency food source.

Shortly after the storm, the food pantry board of directors made the decision to buy and have installed a generator in the case of future power outages. A quick look at the finances showed the storm had also depleted the coffers. The money on hand was needed to buy replacement food.

From the time the food pantry was established in 1986, it has depended on the generosity of the businesses, churches, and individuals of our community. With that in mind, we again turned to our “friends” to help us buy the generator so that in the future food would not be destroyed and to help the food pantry to continue to offer uninterrupted service to clients as well as being a possible source of food distribution in times of future power outages.

This letter is written at this time to thank the businesses, churches, and individuals of our community for their generosity in providing the funds for the generator which has now been purchased and installed.

Thank you to all the 25 organizations or individuals which includes Wood Heating and Air Conditioning and a grant from the Marietta Community Foundation and the Rutter Family Charitable Fund for your financial support in helping us to continue to provide quality services to those in our area of Washington County.

Thanks a million.

David Riggs,

director of operations

Newport Community

Food Pantry