WASCO’s Mardi Gras thrived on public suppoprt

On behalf of the participants, staff and management of WASCO, Inc. and the Washington County Board of Developmental Disabilities, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our annual Mardis Gras Celebration.

Master of Ceremonies Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews kept the festivities rolling. Charlene Franko made a delicious King Cake enjoyed by all. Roy Bones and the Breaks band members Roy and Andria Bones, Matt Lang and Randy McClung provided musical entertainment.

Marietta High School Band Director Ernie Cornell led the Marietta High School Jazz Band as they made the parade rock. The Marietta High School Key Club and Student Council assisted enthusiastically throughout the event.

Phil Moore donated paint for colorful decor. Joan Zoller from Trademark Solutions donated the all-important judges hats. Lori Yeater’s keen eye photographed the event. Susan West provided a festive pinata.

Carolyn Miller and Fern Frank clowned around for the crowd. Float judges Tommie Moore, Ed McKee, Barbara Hintz, Steve McHaffey and Vickie Graham volunteered their time and expertise. Justin Warner, Carolina Alvarez and Norma Schultheisz proved an invaluable help as they volunteered their talents.

Betsy Lang and Diana Dunbar of the O’Neill Center created and built a float, participated in the parade and transported seniors to the event. Sam Anderson and a member of the Boys and Girls Club represented their organization by building a float and participating in the parade.

WTAP-TV, the Marietta Times and the Marietta Anchor helped spread the good times to our community. Many community members attended and helped make the day more fulfilling.

Students and staff from Ewing school made the day more special by participating. The staff of WASCO, Inc. once again proved that they believe in Serving People, Reaching Goals and Enriching Lives. The day would not have been possible without their dedication.

Finally, thank you to WCBDD Superintendent Susan Tilton and the WASCO and WCBDD boards for their daily support and commitment to those we serve.

Sandy Lang, registered support specialist

Washington County Board of Developmental Disabilities/WASCO