Thanks to the protesters who raised brine issue

I want to thank the protesters at the GreenHunter gathering station for bringing a very important issue for our county, to the forefront. I appreciate their efforts to make Washington county citizens aware of the fracking wastewater, “brine,” being trucked to the Green Hunter facility, transferred and stored there for later transport by truck to the 11 injection wells in Washington County.

I read in the Marietta Times article that John Jacks, vice president of GreenHunter, “vehemently opposes the view that the waste stored at their facility is hazardous.” If Jacks feels that way, let him prove it. Allow the Washington County Health Department to draw samples periodically and send them to the ODNR certified lab they use. Allowing independent testing every so often would help the community feel safer. Another step GreenHunter could take to assist the community in feeling safe is to share the chemicals being used in the hydraulic fracturing process and found in the drilling wastewater (referred to as brine) so our first responders and hospitals can be prepared if accidents occur.

Washington County has 11 injection wells accepting hydraulic fracturing drilling waste from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia drill sites. When I asked Rep. Andy Thompson why we are accepting drilling waste from out of state, he responded that we had to due to the interstate commerce act. That may be true, but why does Pennsylvania bring their drilling fracking waste past West Virginia and into Ohio. Since West Virginia requires disclosure of what is in the drilling waste to get a permit and Ohio does not, it seems oil and gas companies are happier with our policy, no disclosure. GreenHunter is so pleased with Ohio’s policies that they want to barge in by the thousands of gallons, fracking wastewater to inject in Washington County. The U.S. Coast Guard would like to hear from citizens about their concerns on barging fracking waste on the Ohio River. Write to HQ, U.S. Coast Guard, CG5442, ATTN: Commander Michael Roldan, 2100 Second St., SW., Washington, D.C., 205930001. Fax: (202) 3721906, email:

I read in the Times that Redbird Development is applying for a permit to drill Washington County’s 12th injection well near Veto Lake. The citizens of Washington County have an opportunity to write to Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management, 2045 Morse Road, Building F-2, Columbus, Ohio, 43229-6693, to express their concerns about the toxic chemicals and radiation in the fracking wastewater, the lack of disclosure by the company as to what is in the wastewater called “brine,” the amount of truck traffic on our roads and who will pay for repairs, the creek flowing through the injection well site and going to Veto Lake and finally, the effect of this huge amount of liquid injection on our fault lines that have been the site of six earthquakes in the last two years.

Thanks to the 100 or so people protesting at the GreenHunter facility, the citizens of Washington County are now aware of possible concerns. It is up to us to be vigilant and involved in keeping the people, water and land in our community safe.

Betsy Cook