Pilot program designed to divide families

How many ways can the government find to create a gulf between parents and their children? And this one is being done by the Ohio Highway Patrol-our well-paid public servants.

In Circleville, the Circleville Herald reports that a pilot program is being implemented in four schools-a program where student participants will observe their parents and watch for unsafe driving habits, such as not wearing a seat belt, texting, talking on a cell phone, checking email, eating, grooming, or failing to completely stop at a stop sign.

For one week participants from sixth, seventh and eighth grades will write tickets on their parents, keep track of how many tickets they issue, and at the end of the week turn in their tallies and be rewarded with a pizza party. A grand prize winner will receive a four-pack of movie tickets.

What a unique way to divide families, cause arguments, train children to believe they are smarter than their parents (as Al Gore has told them), and then be rewarded with another cultural cancer-movie tickets!

Parents in Circleville should wake up and demand this type of program be stopped.

And parents all over Ohio should get ready. It will be coming your way after the “pilot program” is completed.

School administrators should stand up and say “No” instead of behaving like sheep. Can adults no longer think with moral objectivity and make responsible decisions?

When will we stop submitting willingly to programs that divide families and destroy freedom?

Glenn Newman