Unlimited trash removal is not the way to go

It is possible that Marietta residents could get unlimited trash service as part of our new five-year trash contract. Marietta Times, March 2.

I think that would be not only a terribly irresponsible decision, but also morally corrupt.

We in the United States are about 7 percent of the global population but consume 35 percent of the planet’s resources. We consume like there is no tomorrow.

My friend Jim Couts says that if the rest of the world’s population consumed at the rate we do, it would take seven planets like earth to support the lifestyle. Even the youngest children understand why that won’t work.

Unlimited trash removal tells our children and the rest of the world,it is OK to buy anything you want (even if you can’t afford it.) Then, when you wear it out, get tired of it, out grow it you can just make it disappear by tossing it to the curb.

It astonishes me that some people have so little understanding of our fragile earth, it’s limited resources, and our responsibilities for living creatures, including fellow Mariettans.

We have an amazing planet. How will future generations grade us on our care and nurturing of the planet if we think it is okay to simply throwaway anything we desire because we can?

Disagree? Please spend a couple of hours at the landfill of your choosing. Or recycle, reuse, repurpose everything and anything you can.

Roger G. Kalter