Obama doesn’t really care about human life

There will be mountains of tears and endless moves against gun ownership over the tragic killings in Connecticut, but not a tear for the 56 million children killed in our abortion clinics. If the lives of the children in Connecticut are more valuable to God than those who die daily by the hands of abortionists, I’d like to know why. Did not God create them all?

Watching Obama wax sorrow and claim he wants meaningful actions to prevent further incidents like this makes me sick to my stomach. He and his party are fully supportive of a party platform to kill over a million unborn children a year through their killing machine, Planned Unparenthood. So if you voted for him or support the Democrat party, don’t try to tell me you care about the lives of children. Shame on you who voted for the party of death.

Well, what makes this tragedy so awful is that it was so brutal and against children. Why would anyone shoot 5-year-old children? The killer was a nut who also killed his own mother. Well why would anyone who isn’t a nut but a doctor who takes an oath to do no harm, burn unborn babies internally and externally with a powerful saline solution or dismember babies with suction devices seven times more powerful than a vacuum cleaner or twist their limbs off with forceps?

If you support abortion rights, then send your Christmas cards to Planned Parenthood and ask them to give these poor unborn children anesthesia before killing them. We do it for death row inmates. If the killing of our unborn isn’t as repulsive to God as the killing of the children in Connecticut, I’d like to know why.

If Obama really cares about human life, he could start by defunding Planned Parenthood, saving lives and $544 million a year. Yeah! Happy New Year, another year like the last.

William Buelow

Vonore, Tenn.