Theater should maintain its historic name

Shame on Peoples Bank for putting their name on our historic Colony Theater. I am truly grateful that the money was given to the Colony, this was a very nice thing to do for Marietta. We have waited a long time for the Colony to reopen and hopefully this will help this to happen.

Peoples Bank, by putting their name on the theater is like anyone giving money to their church or charity and saying “look what I did, am I wonderful or what?”

If the banks of Marietta and I mean all of them would have loaned the Colony money that they needed years ago we would have reaped the benefits of this beautiful theater by now and would not have had to go out of town for this kind of entertainment.

Peoples Bank should leave the name of the theater to the Colony and just give the money in good faith and enjoy the good name of the bank without strings attached.

Linda Gant