Changing channels: Shadix TV owners retiring

Shadix TV Sales and Services has been a family-owned Marietta business since 1953, but that tradition is coming to an end in just a few weeks.

Brothers Jim and Tom Schaad will be retiring, although the business will continue with a few changes. Jim and Tom both have two children, but they work in other fields and were unavailable to take over the family business.

The brothers instead turned to a familiar face around the 203 East Montgomery St. shop to take over the store after they retire.

“Jonathan Wheeler will be taking over the business at the end of March,” said Jim Schaad, co-owner of Shadix TV Sales and Services. “Jonathan has worked for us as our satellite installer for the past 11 years.”

Jim, 66, has worked at the store since he was 10 and his brother Tom, 63, has worked there since he was in high school.

The brothers have experienced a great deal of change in the industry during their time at the shop, they said.

“We’ve dealt with black and white TVs, big satellites, small satellites, cable, DIRECTV, flat screens and so much more,” said Tom Schaad, also co-owner of the business. “It’s like any other business though, if you look back 60 years of course things are going to be different than they were.”

The Schaad brothers admitted retiring was a very difficult decision for them to make.

“We struggled with the decision to allow the business to go out of the family, but we didn’t want it to close either,” said Tom. “Jonathan is a good fit because he knows what he is doing and is really good with the customers.”

The customers are another reason the Schaad brothers will have a difficult time saying goodbye to the business.

“The customers were the ones that made it hard to walk way from,” said Tom. “They were the reason I stayed as long as I did.”

As much as he enjoyed the experience, Jim decided it was finally time to move on.

“I’ve been thinking about retiring for a year, but it finally just felt like now was the right time,” said Jim. “I don’t have any particular plans for retirement, I’m just going to try to enjoy it because we earned it.”

The brothers’ departure from the business will bring changes, including new store hours.

“We will no longer be open on the weekend,” said Wheeler. “Store hours will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday starting on April 1.”

Wheeler said he isn’t certain if the business will continue to sell TVs after the transition either.

“Regardless of if we decide to continue sales, we still have our warranty repair for the ones we have sold to our customers,” he said.

While changes will be implemented, much of what made Shadix successful will continue to be available, he said.

“We will still have our satellite sales for Dish Network and DIRECTV,” said Wheeler. “Also we will be continuing with satellite installations, repairs and fixing outdoor antennas.”

Wheeler said he doesn’t fear losing customers during the transition, because he has been a part of the business for so long.

“It’s just going to be my and my fiancee. She will handle the books and I’ll be doing what I’ve done for 11 years,” he said. “I’ve interacted with all of our customers over that time, and never had any problems so I don’t see that changing.”

This has been something Wheeler said has been in the works for about five years, but that doesn’t mean he is happy to see the brothers go.

“They are both great guys with very different personalities,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed working for them and they taught me so much.”