Club news

Marietta Photographic Society

The Marietta Photographic Society held its February meeting at Gilman United Methodist Church in Marietta.

Judges for the evening were Kathy Lough, Dottie Bibbee, and Jayne Delancey. Alternate was Steve Minardi. President, Carole Wigal presented the photos for judging in the “Motion” category.

Jayne Delancey’s “Rolling Waves on Lake Erie” was the slide winner. Paul Frye Jr.’s, “The Road to McDonald’s” was the digitally enhanced winner. The photo showed car lights going to and from Belpre McDonalds. Print winner was Steve Minardi’s “Falling Water” which focused on a beautiful waterfall.

The program for March will be presented by member, Mike Robinson, regarding color correction, matching your monitor to the printer and your camera to the monitor. He will also profile the monitor spyder/coloring and discuss a profile device.

Photo Exhibit: March 15 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. will be the reception for the photography exhibition at the Parkersburg Art Center. Open to the public.

The next meeting of the Marietta Photographic Society is on Tuesday, March 12, at 7 p.m. at Gilman United Methodist Church in Marietta. Competition subject is, “Single perspective (where two points come together).” Photographers of any skill level are encouraged to attend.

Marietta Reading Club

The Marietta Reading Club met at the Betsey Mills Club on March 5. Hosts for the evening were Steve and Maggie Meyer. Prior to the readings the club held a brief business meeting to elect officers for the following year. Mark Neyman was elected president for a two-year term beginning in October 2013. Other officers elected were Ann Bragg, vice president, Mark Miller, secretary, and James Huggins, treasurer. Michelle Jeitler was elected to serve a three year term on the club’s Executive Committee. Readers were Roland Riggs III and Karen Weaver. The readings were taken from a book by Marilyn Yalom entitled “How the French Invented Love.” Yalom is a senior scholar at Stanford University’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research. The book traces the French view of love over the past 900 years. The critic was Harry Coffey who discussed the privileged place of love in the history and identity of France. Coffey also noted that many English words used to describe love are of French origin. Richard and Nancy Murdock will host the next Reading Club meeting to be held March 19.