MMS’s athletic coordinator

After Chris Fennell graduated from Marietta High school in 2001 he left the area for a brief period before returning in 2006.

Upon his return he began coaching boys basketball for Marietta Middle School. In 2010, Fennell took a position as an attendant for children with multiple disabilities at the middle school. A year later he began his most recent position as Marietta Middle School athletic coordinator. He currently maintains all of the positions previously mentioned and has also started coaching several other sports.

Question: What is your official title?

Answer: I’m the Marietta Middle School athletic coordinator, basketball/-track/tennis coach, Multiple Disability (MD) attendant.

Q: How long have you been in these positions?

A: I have been the athletic coordinator for two years, in the classroom setting for three years and next year will be my eighth year coaching basketball.

Q: Tell me a little about what your duties are for the position.

A: As the MMS athletic coordinator I’m entrusted with the scheduling, record keeping and general day to day operations of all middle school sports. I serve as liaison between the administration, the coaching staffs and the student athletes themselves.

Q: Where did you work before this position?

A:When I returned to Marietta back in 2006, I managed the Marietta Brewing Company while beginning my coaching career. When we shut the doors a few years ago, the opportunity arose to become involved in the MD classroom at MMS, shortly followed by the role of athletic coordinator. Each day has been an absolute reward.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

A: I am presented with an opportunity to better all of our young student athletes while pursuing my own coaching dreams. I have particularly enjoyed creating an exciting and attractive atmosphere that our students want to be a part of. I’ve accomplished this through my own enthusiasm, that of our coaches and special events I have created primarily for our basketball program. These events include our spirit game, which has brought in record attendance, and our teacher recognition game.

Q: Anything new on the horizon for middle school athletics?

A: Next year looks to be even more successful for everyone involved in our programs. We plan to cooperate with the Marietta High School athletic department to strengthen and further develop our Marietta Middle School programs.

Marietta Middle School athletics in previous years had been a revolving door for coaches, but thankfully each year we have been able to field an increasingly more consistent staff. I look to continue growing our attendance as well as developing more rounded and enthusiastic student athletes. We want students who strive to succeed academically and athletically, while maintaining the strong character values that we teach our students here at Marietta Middle School.

This interview was conducted by Christian Hudspeth.