Support for building project helps the Betsey

The Castle would like to provide additional background and clarify some misunderstandings that have arisen as a result of your article on Feb. 6 “Building upgrades planned at Betsey Mills Club.” The Castle was deeded to the Betsey Mills Club following the death of its last owners, Bertlyn and Stewart Bosley. This was primarily a result of the Betsey’s stellar community reputation and long-time stability as a historic Marietta institution. Today, the Betsey Mills Club and The Castle jointly make up the Betsey Mills Corporation. We have separate and independent boards, but share some operational resources to reduce costs to both groups.

Last year, the Betsey Mills Club faced significant obstacles in raising money to undertake some much needed repairs to their building infrastructure.

These issues were necessarily causing a strain on their overall operation. Therefore, it was decided by The Castle board of trustees to make a financial transfer to the Betsey Mill Club.

This had a two-fold purpose: 1. It financially stabilized the operational resources at the Club; 2. It provided the Betsey Mills Club with much needed capital as well as potential matching funds, broadening potential grant funding opportunities that were previously unavailable.

Although we have a great working relationship with the staff and trustees at The Betsey Mills Club, The Castle has never been in a position to make a donation of this magnitude simply out of charity, even if it is to support a worthy organization like the Betsey. In providing this money, The Castle was able to improve both organizations by strengthening the long-term stability of our entire corporation.

We hope that other organizations and individuals will join The Castle, The McDonough Foundation, the Marietta Community Foundation; the Peoples Bank Foundation; the State of Ohio (grant) and others in supporting the much needed building renovation project at The Betsey Mills Club.

Scott A. Britton,

executive director

The Castle