DUI coordinator awarded substance abuse certification

Tina Nolen, DUI coordinator Westbrook Health Services, Inc. has recently been awarded Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) certification. Nolen is now eligible to assess clients who work in the transportation industry and refer them to necessary treatment.

Nolen’s new certification will benefit the local community because currently there are not many SAPs in the area and her certification will eliminate the need for community members employed by the transportation industry to have to go out of town for evaluation.

Nolen’s major job duties include evaluating, educating and providing treatment for those who receive a DUI citation. She has been employed by Westbrook for 3 years and possesses a bachelors degree in Organizational Behavior and Business Administration and an Associates in Social Work.

A Substance Abuse Professional evaluates workers who have violated a Department of transportation drug and alcohol program regulation and makes recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing and aftercare.