Parent sees undue attention to dress code

My daughter came home from school recently and let me know that they were all informed that next year yoga pants would be banned. First I thought this was a joke and then the more I thought of it, I can’t really believe that this is what the newest crusade is going to be. Last time I checked I have not seen much of an issue with a sporty clothing and I am friends with numerous students, friends, parents and teachers, but have yet to hear or see any comments like, “my child got a D on that test because they were distracted by Susie’s zebra print yoga pants!” Now I have been up to the school at least four to five times a week to pick my student up and have seen more than enough skin and assets due to low cut tops, painted on jeans, dresses/skirts with panty hose or tights, and leggings … but yoga pants are going to be the target? Come on Marietta, you seriously have to tell us all that this is more of an issue than the ongoing and growing drug and alcohol issue going on at the school? Than the fact that these “student athletes” are tweeting about how they have “gotten out/avoided” their random testing? Those are OK for the powers that be to over look and not address? But yoga pants, that is what is going to be voted on by the board because a group of teachers decided that this is a top priority. I really think that the priority needs to be reevaluated!

One might want to also bring to the attention of the school board and other members of the school system that find the pants to be “too revealing” or “too tight,” to look at the sports and the attire that they are wearing as the uniform of said sport. Short skirts and spankys for the cheerleaders, shorts that are above the knee for the soccer program and basketball programs. Or how about the real short running shorts for the track and cross country program? If there is a rule for the school as an all around dress code, shouldn’t we be following it all the way around when we are representing the school in a school related activity? And let’s not forget about the dances and formals, are we to assume that there will be a “code” as to what is appropriate where skin is being revealed and how tight the dress could be? Are we really going to say that a pair of pants are more revealing than a strapless, sequined and skin tight mini dress that is cut out on the sides and has a low cut bust line? Is that what this is really going to come to? I seriously doubt that the school system is willing to spend the money on new uniforms and necessary clothing items when they are so unwilling to think about the ramifications that this “new code” will bring to the school and the parents and students that are willing to stand up and speak out against this.

I will for sure be at the next board meeting to voice my opinion on this issue and I certainly hope if you agree with this, you come as well! The more voices heard, the better chance we have to get things like this and all of the other “lower priority” issues heard!

Katie Thomas