Warren made right choice in canceling school today

A decision was made this week for Warren Local Schools to close today, as the Warren High School boys basketball team heads to Columbus for the Ohio Division II state semifinal game.

In exchange, students will go to school next Wednesday, a day originally planned as part of the district’s spring break.

Administrators said the change was made because they expected attendance to be so low among teachers and students the day of the game, but some parents have grumbled that it affected vacation plans on short notice and put an extracurricular activity ahead of classes.

We think those in the district made the smart choice, however.

It’s not putting sports before academics. It’s using common sense to determine that the level of education students would receive that day would be less than on another, and making adjustments to allow for that.

Fort Frye did the same when its girls team recently competed at states, canceling a day of school.

There are expected to be a lot of substitute teachers in the Warren school buildings today and many empty chairs among students as well, as they head out of town to support the achievements of their classmates on the basketball court.

Whether or not we agree with teachers and students opting out of school that day, it will be the reality, as it has been in other districts when their teams advance to state competitions.

There’s not much point in holding school when nothing substantial can be accomplished and most miss out, when instead a normal school day can be held the next week.

We’re sure it will be an inconvenience for some families, who had made plans for the break, but really that’s nothing new. Local families have to adjust spring break activities nearly every year due in order to make up snow days. It’s unfortunate but some adjustments can be made.

We think the right call was made. Students will have an uninterrupted day of classes next week and the team will have plenty of cheerleaders today in Columbus.