Theater’s name is up to Peoples Bank

The Hippodrome-Colony Historical Theatre Association wants to honor the Peoples Bank. However, retaining the name would seem more in keeping with our heritage and a way to honor the dedication of the association, local volunteers, and donors who have given their time and money to the restoration. When completed, part of the attraction of the Colony Theater would be for patrons to experience a “step back in time” to a theater of the 1920s that was equipped for a Broadway show or for vaudeville acts. Why give a new name to a restoration project? The Peoples Bank Theatre suggests a name dedicated to a modern building with a large donor, not a restored venue of vintage interest. Unfortunately, the name also makes the bank appear self-serving rather than altruistic.

People have told me they are displeased with this name – as if Marietta has lost something. If the bank with its generous donation wishes to have good press for itself and retain the image of this historic icon of the performing arts and film, then the Peoples Bank could respectfully decline the name change in order to appeal to locals and preserve the reputation of Marietta as a historic river town.

Jann Adams