Devola sewer plan expensive, isn’t necessary

We live in Devola and have a septic system that is operating perfectly fine and we have no desire or need to hook into a sewer system.

We know of no one who is having any trouble with their septic system. No one in Devola is ignoring their septic system. If a septic tank is full, it will back up. No one wants this, so people here have their tanks pumped regularly. There are several local businesses that will do this for you. Two of them are Haas and Fouss. We have used these two. They do not just empty the tank and leave. There is an inspection process. After pumping the tank, they must rinse out the tank. Then they look in the tank with a flashlight. Any problems must be reported. The problem must be repaired immediately.

Putnam Water Association has remedied the drinking water nitrate concern by installing and operating a reverse osmosis process. Therefore, Devola’s Putnam Water Association nitrate problem has been fixed and does not exist!

Installing a sewer system will not fix a problem that has already been fixed. It will just unnecessarily cost us more money!

Please thank the EPA for bringing the nitrate issue to our attention. It has been fixed.

Please find another way to stimulate the local economy other than digging into my wallet to pay for something that we don’t want or need.

Rick and Donna Beaver