Williamstown committee to decide on city building roof repair contractor

WILLIAMSTOWN -City council on Tuesday approved for the mayor to put together a committee to make a decision as to which of four local companies will repair the roof of the city building.

Mayor Jean Ford said this repair is an emergency as the city has lost supplies because of the leak.

“We need a decision as soon as we can to get this work done,” she said.

Council members seemed surprised by the difference among the bid amounts.

“It appears the difference in the amount of work the contractors believe needs to be done is why there is such a large bid range,” said Ford.

The price range among the four bids is $8,300 up to $26,000.

Councilman Gene Duncan said many of the contractors who bid noticed structural damage.

Councilwoman Barbara Lewis moved to give Ford the authority to put together a committee and let it make the decision on the recommendation of city attorney Blaine Myers.

Councilman Marty Seufer recommended Duncan, Councilman Ron Erb and city building commissioner Dave VanHorn for the committee.

Myers said if the selection by the committee is someone other than the lowest bidder, there should be a written explanation, whether it be the work needed or other reasons.

In other business:

* Council accepted three bids for the codification of city ordinances for review. The bids are $12,800 from the Walter H. Drane Co. of Beechwood, Ohio; $11,325 from American Legal Publishing Corp. of Cincinnati, and $10,450 from the Municipal Code Corp. of Tallahassee, Fla.

There are variables on the bid prices from the American Legal Publishing Corp. and the Municipal Code Corp., which Myers said he and council will need to look at before a decision is made.

“That was good,” said Ford. “I am surprised we got three (bids).”

Council chose to put the ordinances codification out to bid in February after Myers suggested it, as the city had not had ordinances codified for more than 30 years.

* Council let die an ordinance amending the sewer use ordinance after no member of council made a motion to vote to approve it.

“I think we’re kind of rushing into something here that we’re not all sure about yet, in all aspects,” Erb said. “I think this (ordinance) is referring to a problem that is ongoing.”

The ordinance is in reference to how residents remove water from back yard swimming pools following the swimming season.