Mystery surrounds Marietta death

The Marietta Police Department released the name Wednesday of the possible homicide victim found Tuesday at 139 Groves Ave., while a resident of the home was charged with burglary after being discovered covered in blood at another home.

The deceased, Frank B. Stephens, 68, lived at 1001 Gilman Ave., less than a mile away from the potential crime scene. He had been an acquaintance of one of the home’s two residents, Richard Haught Jr., said Marietta Police Department Capt. Jeff Waite.

Haught was questioned about the incident Tuesday but not taken into custody, said Waite.

Police did arrest the second resident of the 139 Groves Ave. mobile home on Tuesday, but Waite declined to say whether he is believed to be involved in a crime that took place there.

Ira “David” Blair, 28, was charged with burglary after he was found asleep and covered in blood around 9:45 a.m. Tuesday at 423 Third St., according to a statement of facts from the police department.

“The defendant had several injuries to his face and had bled onto several pillows,” said the statement.

When awoken, Blair told officers he believed he was at 139 Groves Ave., which later that day was cordoned off with yellow police tape.

Tuesday afternoon, a Groves Avenue neighbor reported seeing an investigator from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation pull what appeared to be a blood-soaked towel out of a burn barrel in the back yard of the crime scene. The towel later hung in the backyard.

Police are not releasing a cause of death for Stephens, pending an autopsy which was being conducted in Montgomery County on Wednesday, said Waite.

Blair later told officers he had gotten permission to be at 423 Third St. from resident Ali Martin, whose bedroom he had been sleeping in, said the statement of facts.

Martin, 23, of 423 Third St., denied that she had given Blair permission to be there. She was subsequently arrested Wednesday on charges of theft, receiving stolen property and trafficking in drugs stemming from a March indictment.