Vests for police dogs a fitting precaution

Some untraditional Marietta police officers will soon be wearing bulletproof vests, something we think is a smart move.

Marietta’s two department canines are set to receive the vests, which were free through a nonprofit corporation.

Just as the vests can be a little uncomfortable and heavy for humans who wear them, the same is true for the canine versions. But they also offer a lot of protection for the dogs, who have their lives on the line just as much as the other officers.

The vests not only protect the life of the animal, but also the investment of the department that trains and maintains the dog.

The bulletproof vests must be specially made for dogs and can be expensive, so we commend the department for finding a cost effective way to provide some security to its canines.

Dogs on duty are different from humans in that if they see a gun or knife, they don’t know there is danger and won’t try to attempt to avoid it. These vests will offer them protection as they charge in to do their job.