‘Cleaning’ of grave disrespectful to families

For those reading this letter, I am sure you have lost a love one at some point in time. My mother died eight years ago and I am left with wonderful memories of our short time together. Over the years, I have visited her grave and placed meaningful small things on her grave stone that gave me a moment of connection to her. Always keeping them on the stone, not the ground so as to hinder mowing. One of the statuses had a personal meaning to her so I had wired it to the stone, it can never be replaced. Saturday (March 30) I visited her again with the intent of placing new spring flowers. A month earlier I had cleaned off the holiday flowers. I was shocked to find her stone stripped of all things that meant something to me. As I looked at other graves I noticed the same everywhere. Even the expensive solar crosses and angles were gone. Why now? Why were we not informed so as to come and save some of the things? Where are they, in a heap over the hill? To me this is disrespect to the memory of our loved one. Who could be so heartless? If you have not been to visit you loved one lately I would advise you to, see if your things are gone.

Carol Pabst