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Marietta Chapter NSDAR

The Marietta Chapter NSDAR celebrated Marietta’s 225th birthday with a special meeting held at the American Legion Post 64 on April 6.

The Marietta Chapter SAR was invited to help in the celebration. The SAR Chapter’s Color Guard posted the colors. The guard consisted of Scott Britton, Stephen Frash and David White. Regent Anita Shumake welcomed Leverne Piatt, OSDAR Lineage Officer, Mayor Joe Mathews, and guest speaker Louise Zimmer. Following the Chapter Rituals, Mathews was introduced and presented the Marietta DAR chapter with a Proclamation, commending them on their donations and work over the past 100 plus years. Lunch was served by the Legion Auxiliary. A short business meeting was held, approving a prospective member, Ginger Hobba O’Connor and agreeing to replace a marker for Susan Hess. Zimmer was introduced. Instead of the usual talk of the original 48 men that came to the Northwest Territory. She remembered the brave women that followed the men and what they gave up to come to this dangerous, hostel country. They left houses with curtans and lights from neighbors to a dark, forest full of angry indians. To name a few, Mary Garner Owens, Mary Byrd Lake and Persus Putnam. She related stories of one woman walking acoss the mountains carrying a six week old baby and leaning on a cow to support herself. Another woman had smallpox, recovered and went on to nurse others with smallpox. She also took care of her several children. Most of these pioneer women had six to 10 children, worked the fields, cook for the large families and protected their homes when necessary. One story was about a family that all had beautiful buckskin clothes, but did you think about when the man threw the deer on the floor, who was it that cleaned the skins and make the clothes? As always she did a fine job as our local historian. The Benedition was given by Chaplain Opal Miller and the colors were retired.