Citizens did themselves proud in face of tragedy

Residents of this valley, you are amazing! We are still shaking our heads at the overwhelming support poured out from the people of this area.

Last week as we prepared to bury a hometown hero, Joshua Taylor, we sent out a few emails to round up a couple hundred dollars to help the “Boys in Blue” with gasoline money. Those few emails quickly turned into a community wide project with literally thousands of dollars coming in the form of gas cards, food cards, and cash. Donations from local businesses allowed us to feed and house every Marine (and some Patriot Guard Riders) while they were in town. The Marines were instructed to “take no money from their pockets” while in Marietta. One man even went so far as to leave money at a local retail store in case the boys needed toothpaste or forgot their socks! Every carload of Marines left this town with gasoline and food cards for their return trip home.

We stood and watched many of these men, some young, some seasoned veterans, try and argue with our hospitality. They were shocked and readily admitted they had never been treated this way in any town.

Well, welcome to Marietta boys!

We are so very proud to call this valley our home. Proud to be able to serve our community in ways such as this. Proud of our citizens for stepping up and giving. Proud to be able to say, “We honor Josh for his service and sacrifice.”

Thanks to all who participated.

Anita White

Sylvi Caporale

Susan Weekley/Parkersburg RSS Marine Moms