Teachers should cast votes for Leone

Those of us who receive benefits from State Teachers Retirement are now finding a ballot in our mail in order to elect new members to the STRS board. I strongly urge retired teachers to cast their votes for Dennis Leone.

Dr. Leone, a retired superintendent from Chillicothe, uncovered widespread corruption at STRS in 2003, revealing unconscionable spending of retirees’ money on trips, credit cards, the maintenance of a luxurious office building in Columbus and the paying of generous bonuses to STRS employees. From 2005 to 2009, he served on the board and was instrumental in changing it to one that served its constituents with integrity and commitment.

With evidence now emerging that the present STRS board is planning legislation that will impact retirees adversely, Dr. Leone is once again running for a retiree seat on the board. He is especially concerned about a new pension solvency law which has a provision which will give the board authority to make major financial decisions regarding our pension system without legislative approval. He also wants assurance that there will not be a return to the irresponsible spending practices of the past.

As local retired teachers receive their ballots for STRS board election, I appeal to them to cast their votes for Dr. Dennis Leone.

Marian Kurner, Ph.D.

Retired Marietta City Schools