Water Fight: MHS girls win trophy at Lindamood Cup Regatta

A “medal” detector would’ve beeped the loudest in the Marietta High girls’ navy camp after the Lindamood Cup Regatta on the Muskingum River Saturday.

Like last year, the Lady Tiger rowers won the points trophy in the annual event on the Muskingum River.

“They should be smiling since every girl on the team won medals,” said veteran MHS girls’ crew coach Joe Tewkesbury, whose rowers amassed 133 points.

Overall, the Marietta girls claimed two gold, four silver and two bronze medals.

Fox Chapel of Pittsburgh, Pa., was both the boys’ and the combined points champion with 97 and 215 points, respectively. MHS was runner-up with a combined 161 points; PHS, fourth with 86 points; and Parkersburg South was tied for eighth with 33 points.

In the girls’ 10-school field, Fox Chapel was runner-up with 118 points; the Parkersburg Big Reds, sixth with 29 points; and Parkersburg South, ninth with three points.

The MHS Tiger Navy boys also had a good outing on the water, winning the lightweight four in a time of 4:49.00, and finishing third in the junior four in 4:47.87.

“Overall, it was a pretty good day,” said first-year Marietta High boys’ crew coach Tanner O’Connor, whose boys were sixth in an eight-school field with 28 points, “but of course you want to see them all medal.

“We had a novice four but our strokeman, his back’s been bothering him for the past week. So we decided to scratch that one and try to save his back a little bit for next week at Dillon Lake in Zanesville.”

The PHS boys were runners-up with 57 points, and South finished fifth with 30 points.

O’Connor said that Marietta High didn’t feature a varsity eight on the water. The Tiger Navy boys’ roster includes three seniors, two juniors, four sophomores, and four novices plus a coxswain.

“We’re a bit smaller than we normally are,” the Tiger skipper continued. “We don’t have a varsity eight, because we don’t have eight guys who are big enough to be in it. So we have four heavyweights and four lightweights, and I think those two boats will be highly successful.”

Tewkesbury, of course, was very pleased with his lady rowers’ performance on the river, which included wins by the undefeated novice eight shell in a clocking of 5:00.12 and the undefeated lightweight eight boat in 4:52.00.

“Our girls’ novice eight rowed a fine race, the best they’ve looked so far this season, and they remain unbeaten following last week’s strong showing at Occoquan, Va.,” Tewkesbury said. “Our lightweight eight is also unbeaten through three regattas although their competition has been mostly against heavyweight crews. They won their event Saturday over a very good Oakland Catholic crew following a first place last week at Occoquan.”

The MHS junior eight was runner-up in 4:51.00, and the doubles scull was also second in 5:27.74.

“Our junior eight/varsity eight has gotten better and has faced some very tough competition,” Tewkesbury said. “They have shown that they have some speed even against more experienced and bigger opponents as evidenced by their bronze medal finish last week and winning silver and bronze this week.”

Tewkesbury said his crew team hadn’t practiced much on the water in the fours and doubles. Even so…

“The girls turned in some really good races this weekend, placing second and third in the double scull,” Tewkesbury continued, “second in the lightweight four, and second in the varsity four.”

The Marietta High boys’ and girls’ crew teams are scheduled to race at the Dillon Invitational this Saturday.

“Twenty crews will be there with a couple of them the fastest in the midwest,” O’Connor said. “It’ll be a good test and I’m excited. We’ll be ready for it.”

TIGER NAVY NOTES: During Lindamood Regatta Cup racing action late Saturday afternoon, the Marietta boys’ junior four shell collided with a Fox Chapel boat, about 750 meters in just below the Washington Street bridge. “I was on the dock, and I saw and heard it,” O’Connor said. “Our crew protested.” When the two shells resumed racing, Fox Chapel ended up finishing first, while MHS was runner-up. Problem was, though, both crews were ultimately disqualified by the referees…At the Occoquan Regatta in Occoquan, Va., on April 6, the Tiger Navy boys were first in both the lightweight four and novice four, fourth in the varsity four and third in the junior four. “We really turned some heads to be perfectly honest with you,” O’Connor said. “We actually had stopped going to Virginia, because their rules changed, and they wouldn’t allow an Ohio school to race there. So, we finally got approved to go back to race against some of the fastest schools on the east coast. We were very, very pleased.”