Voicing support for OEA-endorsed hopefuls

I plan to vote for OEA-Retired endorsed candidates Bob Stein and Jim McGreevy because I believe that they deserved another term on the STRS board. After all, they were on the current board which has secured health care funding while achieving solvency for the system through 2060.

Yes, both McGreevy and Stein have worked to improve the solvency of the defined benefit pension through near unanimous passage of the pension legislation in 2012. They also worked to minimize COLA reduction.

The current board has not engaged in wild spending on travel, that was the SERS board and it concerns me that the supporters of one of the other, unendorsed,candidates are basing their support for “change” on this information that is incorrect. (Please note that ORTA of which I am also a member does not endorse candidates.)

As a member of the OEA-R Advisory Council, I have been following the actions of STRS closely and firmly believe that the current board has fostered strong coalitions to protect our pension and should be kept together.

So it is, I believe that McGreevy and Stein deserve the support of all retired teachers.

Christine McVicar