Random act of kindness won’t be forgotten

This past Tuesday (April 16), I became the recipient of a random act of kindness.

After a doctor’s visit and running some errands, I stopped in our neighborhood Subway store. The manager, Nancy, was asking me about how my husband was doing as he is recovering from total knee replacement. I was telling her as she waited on the customers ahead of me. I gave my order and was just waiting to check out, not really paying attention to the person ahead of me. The lady a head of me turned and wished me a good day and I believe I said same to you. She then left and as I got ready to pay, Nancy told me that the lady had paid for my sub. I was totally unaware of this and felt really bad that I had not or could not thank her for act of kindness. Nancy said she would tell her. So to the lady whose daughter had to go to soccer practice and the dentist, I send you a very big thank you and when I am given an opportunity, I will “pay it forward” also. That is something we all should try to do. I do let people in front of me in stores if they have one item and I have a bunch of stuff and I also try to let cars turn if there is a line of traffic behind me. The bottom line there are truly nice people out there who think of others before themselves. Too bad there are not more like the lady in Subway. Her random act of kindness shall not be forgotten.

Reesa J. Joseph