Spring training planned for government accountants

The Mid-Ohio Valley Association of Government Accountants will be hosting The WV AGA Spring 2013 training on May 14 at the Parkersburg Country Club. There are two other West Virginia AGA Chapters; the Beckley AGA and Charleston AGA that will be participating in the training event as well. All attendees will receive eight hours of CPE credits. The training will explore various accounting branches from local, to state, to federal. We will begin our journey with the presentation of Thought Leadership in Action. This topic will discuss the importance of becoming more efficient, reducing costs, overview of federal government goals, performance, challenges, and financial and audit information.

We will have the opportunity to learn about the Ripple Effect: The Federal Government’s Financial Position and its Potential Effect on States. The presentation will touch on the Federal Government’s financial position and key projections for the U.S. Government. We will also learn the implications the future may hold on state and local governments.

State of WV Government Accountability and Transparency will be discussed. This topic is extremely important because it is a foundation of democracy. Accountability and Transparency allows the citizens the opportunity to question parts of the budget. Each year it comes into question on how to improve the transparency of the government. This also makes people accountable for the budget. Discussion of the Cash Management and Internal Controls will also be discussed.

Networking is one of the main reasons people become AGA members. As we network, we are able to discuss challenges and different practices and/or solutions to problems. Our speakers will touch on a variety of topics that will prepare you for the future. As our economy continues to recover we must continue to educate ourselves on ways to become more efficient. The more we know, the better our future will be.

To learn more about this training event go to movaga.org to view the schedule, topics, and registration information; or Resa Vavra at (304) 480-5377 or Resa.Vavra@bpd.treas.gov