BBC committed to helping our students

Recently many of you participated in a Facebook contest. The contest was meant to help the community group called Building Bridges to Careers (BBC) win $25,000 to support the work they are doing. While the BBC didn’t win the contest, what is apparent is the amount of support that was garnered for this group effort. April 22, was the last day of voting for the contest and as of 6 p.m., the BBC project had received 18,689 votes. That is a lot of votes. That kind of support is impressive and I personally want to thank everyone that voted once, twice, or every single day. The State Farm Neighborhood Assist contest had the BBC competing with 200 projects from around the country. The BBC is comprised of about 25 regularly attending members. All of these volunteers are members of the Marietta community. We are working hard to make a difference for Marietta City Schools and Washington County. If anything, this contest has helped the BBC become a bit more official. The goal is to help 100 percent of our children bridge the gap between education and employment. This goal cannot be achieved by educators alone, which is why members from the business world and from community agencies have partnered with area educational entities. All perspectives need to be represented to create a feasible plan that can also impact our local economy. The BBC has been meeting, planning, and initiating change since August, 2012, with no funds. We may not have won this contest, but it won’t stop us from moving forward. I want to thank all of the community members that have helped the BBC become a reality by being regular attending members, a resource, or a guiding force in times of confusion. I especially want to thank Cindy Davis, director of Family and Children First, and Allen Brokaw, president of the Family and Children First Council, for without them we would still be rowing our boats in different rivers.

Tasha Werry

Marietta City Schools