False report gets woman in trouble

A Belpre woman is being charged with three misdemeanor counts of providing false information to police officers who were investigating the disappearance and apparent drowning of 22-year-old Carl Austin Travis of Parkersburg earlier this month.

Travis, who was on leave from the Navy, was registered at Marietta’s Lafayette Hotel when he suddenly disappeared Feb. 13. His body was discovered April 12 in the Ohio River about seven miles south of Marietta.

The woman’s case is not connected to Travis’ indicent, according to Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

He described facts in the woman’s case: On April 13 the Wood County 911 Center received an anonymous phone call that investigators later traced to Patsy L. Hasley, 55, of 2408 Hanvey Ave., Belpre. During that 911 call Hasley allegedly implicated the father of her grandchild as being involved with Travis’ disappearance and death.

“We had not received autopsy results on the body at that time, so we took that call seriously and began an investigation, trying to find the man she had implicated,” Mincks said Sunday. “When investigators were unable to locate him they decided to trace the anonymous 911 call.”

Mincks said Hasley later admitted to investigators that she had falsely accused her grandchild’s father as being responsible for Travis’ disappearance.

Mincks said the father, whose name was not disclosed, apparently had visiting rights with the child on April 14. The child is under Hasley’s care, and Hasley tried to prevent the visitation by implicating the father in Travis’ death.

The autopsy results on Travis’ body later indicated there had been no foul play, and he had died from drowning.

Hasley was charged Friday with the three misdemeanor counts of falsification by officers with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. She will be issued a summons to appear in Marietta Municipal Court on the charges in the near future, according to Mincks.

The sheriff noted Hasley will be held responsible for at least $483 to recover wages paid for officers’ time who investigated the false report.